Written By Webmaster

Ever since the neo genesis expension is printed, there is a new type of pokemon with a new rule. These special pokemon is the baby pokemon. Baby pokemon is the previous stage of basic pokemon but it still counted as a basic pokemon.

Baby pokemon has a baby power. Whenever your opponent attack and your baby pokemon is your active pokemon, He or she has to flip a coin to does the attack. When your baby is in your bench the power doesn't affect your opponent's attack.

Some people get confuse when mukrow's(neo genesis) faint attack attack his/her opponent's baby pokemon in the bench. Some says they need to flip a coin , some says not. According to Wizards of the coast, the attack does not need a coin flip to attack unless his/her opponent's active pokemon is a baby pokemon.

Baby pokemon is good in every deck. It can stall your opponent for a few turns if your opponent is a tail fliper. Baby pokemon is quite irritating, Magby(neo genesis) & Iggybuff(neo discovery) destroyed some decks such as Dark vileplume, Slowking, Aerodactyl and so on. Cleffa also destroyed the trap deck because it can give you a fresh hand whenever you need. Pichu(neo genesis) can kill the unowns in no time. Can you feel the baby power?

I noticed that most of the good player's deck will surely include baby pokemon. For those player who under estimate the baby pokemon please put some in your deck because sometimes baby pokemon can make diffrents in your deck.