Phang Wei's sneasel deck

Phang Wei says: Hey man p/s fix my deck.

Pokemon - 16
3 Aerodactyl
2 Gastly
2 Cleffa
3 Erika's Dratini
4 Sneasel
2 Mew

Trainers - 29
4 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
2 Time Capsule
4 Fossil Egg
3 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Chaos Gym
2 Switch
2 Gust of Wind

Energy - 15
4 Darkness Energy
2 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
5 Psychic Energy

Deck Mechanic says: Hi Phang Wei. This deck you sent me is once a famous aeromew deck. There are some combos you can use in your deck: stop evolutions and use erika's dratini to attack, devolve your opponent's pokemon if they manage to evolve any and stop your opponent's trainer cards by using chaos. You had built a strong deck but I can help you to make a better deck. This is the deck I fix for you :

Pokemon - 12
2 Magby
2 Gastly
3 Cleffa
1 Mewtwo (movie promo)
4 Sneasel

Trainers - 32
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 lass
2 Professor Elm
2 Proffesor Oak
3 Moo-moo milk
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Chaos Gym
2 No Removal Gym
4 double gust
3 focus band

Energy - 16
4 Darkness Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
8 Psychic Energy

I had took off the aerodactyl because evolutions deck is not so famous nowadays. If your aerodactyl is taken out, therefore your mew and erika's dratini will be take off too.After fixing your deck, I made you a fast sneasel deck. This deck works perfectly if you can get your sneasel out fast. Sneasel's beat up gives you extremely big damage and you can knockout any pokemon from then on.Use lass and Eeeeek combo to disrupt your opponent hand and put chaos gym into play to make him or her in a difficult situation. This deck doesn't need switch or gust because its all non retreat cost pokemon, in that case I use double gust. When sneasel is loaded with energy, try to gust the pokemon he or she attach energy on or the pokemon which you think is harmful. Sneasel has a low hp so focus band gives you chance to prevent sneasel from being knockout, after that keep it cured with moo-moo milk. Gastly is use to get back your darkness and rainbow energy from your discard pile.Promo mewtwo is a supportive attacker when you ran out of energy. Try this deck b'cause it might be a good deck.
(hint : aim for the prizes by using double gust to knockout those weak pokemon.)